Lotto Cards .US brings you the Lotto cards App on the Apple App Store 



Lotto Cards Are now an App located at the Apple App Store.

This lotto system for the IPhone or IPod Touch will help you in your decision for picking the numbers.

 Just $.99 no shipping no handling and more features covers all Lottery, Mega, PowerBall, Keno any and all number games from 0 to 99 with the capability of drawing up to 20 cards.

So go to the app store for your Apple IPhone or Apple IPods and download the app You will just love it.


Min and Max are your number ranges to choose from

Draw is the amount of cards or needed numbers to be shown like below



IPAD and Android apps coming soon!!!

How Do I use it to win Lotto Mega Power Ball and any other game (number choice)


GOOD LUCK AND MAY YOU WIN BIG. Let Us Know if you do so. Thanks



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